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Kutaisi, the capital of Georgia’s Imereti region and second largest city in the country, is bustling with different options for tourists. Nestled at a crossroads between the country’s capital, Tbilisi, and the black sea coast, Kutaisi needn’t just be a city to drive through. For here you’re sure to find something to suit everyone. have compiled a list of the best places to see, the best things to do, and, of course, the best places to eat and drink for those who are renting a car in Kutaisi. Some places are a short drive away, while other destinations require a bit more time behind the wheel. Get planning!


What To See


Bagrati Cathedral 


While the official name of this place is The Cathedral of the Dormition, it is known both locally and nationally as Bagrati Cathedral. This huge cathedral dates back to the 11th century and pulls in many tourists from all over the world. A masterpiece of medieval Georgian architecture, the cathedral suffered a lot of damage over the centuries and was reconstructed to its present state through a gradual process starting in the 1950s, with major conservation works concluding in 2012.  The cathedral rests on the Ukimerioni Hill in central Kutaisi and is a distinct landmark of the city. 



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What To Do


Prometheus Cave Tour


This visit will require the use of your rental car! 21km from Kutaisi, The Prometheus Cave, also known as Kumistavi Cave, is located in Tsqaltubo. The total length of the cave is about 11 km, of which 1060m are open to visitors. The cave has a total of 22 chambers, of which six are currently open to tourists. One of the most popular tourist destinations in Georgia, the cave is well worth a visit. The colors created by the cave is a real natural phenomenon and will be sure to leave a lasting impression! What’s more, the drive from Kutaisi will give you the chance to experience the scenery that Imereti has to offer. 


What To Eat 


Imeretian Khachapuri


If you’re renting a car in Kutaisi, you won’t have to drive far for this one! You’ll find amazing food all over Georgia, regardless of the city, town or region. Furthermore, each region has its own cuisine, rich in local flavors. Imereti is best known for its Khachapuri, the cheese-filled Georgian take on pizza. Many tourists and locals alike flock to Bar-Restaurant Palaty, located on Alexander Pushkin street, to sample the local flair. Here you can also try local imeretian cheese, local wines, as well as enjoy some Georgian music- if you happen to visit in the evening.


What To Drink


Local Georgian Wine


After arriving in the country, it’ll soon become abundantly clear that the wine here is pretty incredible. Did you know? Georgia is the birthplace of wine! 

Having said that, it’s always wise to do your research and find out where you can taste it at its best! Sapere bar hosts a large selection of different Georgian wines. Whether red, white, or Georgian amber wine, you’ll be sure to find something you love. Sapere is located on Galakion Tabidze street. Use your rental car to explore all of these hidden gems in Kutaisi! 

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