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Decided on renting a car in Tbilisi? Georgia’s capital really has something to offer everyone. The city gets its name from the Georgian word for ‘warm’ (Tbili / თბილი), as it boasts many different natural sulfur baths, which are known for their warm temperature. The city has gone through a lot of modernization over recent years, meaning it can easily compete with any other European capital, all the while maintaining a culture steeped in history and tradition. have compiled a list of the best places to see, the best things to do, and, of course, the best places to eat and drink for those renting a car with us in Tbilisi. Get planning!


If you’re renting a car with us, you can visit any of the below places with ease! We can drop your car off to you anywhere in Tbilisi and with no deposit needed. 

What To See


Holy Trinity Cathedral of Tbilisi


A short drive from Tbilisi’s central Rustaveli avenue lies this huge cathedral that locals simply call ‘Sameba’. This place is considered to be the main cathedral for Georgian-Orthodoxy, and boasts from pretty amazing views due to its location. Your drive up through the Avlabari district, where Sameba is located, will give you a real feel of Tbilisi life. 




Car Rental Tbilisi

What To Do


Drive To Georgia’s Old Capital, Mtskheta.


A mere 20km north of Tbilisi lies its ancient capital, Mtskheta. If you’ve rented a car with us in Tbilisi, we highly recommend taking the trip out to visit Mtskheta. Its old cobbled lanes and ancient churches create the perfect day-trip. While you’re there, use your Tbilisi rental car to drive up to the cathedral that is simply referred to as ‘Jvari” (cross). Located on top of a large hill, the views from here over Mtskheta and Tbilisi are stunning. 


What To Eat 




If you’ve rented a car in Tbilisi to travel around Georgia, you’ll no-doubt notice that each region has its own distinct cuisine. Kalakuri Khinkali, or ‘City Khinkali’ are a dumpling filled with meat and Georgian herbs and spices. Arguably the best in the country, Tbilisi has some super delicious khinkali. While the debate over which restaurant boasts the best will continue probably until the end of time, you’ll no doubt hear restaurant names such as Pasanauri, Cecilia and Georgian House - all easily reachable with your Tbilisi rental car! 


What To Drink




Probably best to leave your Tbilisi rental car at your accommodation for this one! Chacha is a type of Georgian brandy made from pomace. Sometimes referred to as ‘Georgian vodka’ - this clear brandy will knock your socks off! Sometimes upto 70% proof, this drink is not for the faint hearted but simply must be tried by first time visitors to Georgia. No doubt you’ll be offered it in abundance if you meet any locals. There’s little point suggesting places to try Chacha, as you’ll come across it in any bar or restaurant you go to. offers car rental services in Tbilisi. Book your car here