General Rental Information


Driving License


Driving Licence: For one year after your arrival, you can drive using a driving license that is produced in a Cyrillic or Latin alphabet. Still, during this period, you don’t need an international driving license before you can enjoy a smooth drive.


Age restriction:


Any driver with a minimum of 21 years old with at least one year of driving experience is insured automatically with the driving condition given below.

Also, if there us any additional driver, the new driver is insured automatically under the same condition that binds the initial driver, especially when the new driver is driving in the presence of the initial driver.


Booking of the Vehicle


How do you book your vehicle?

There are many ways you can easily book your vehicle, and at the same time, enjoy the best of comfort with the ride. The following are some of the fantastic ways you can easily book your vehicle.


Online reservation:


Online reservation is one of the most used methods for booking vehicles. You can do this by checking online to see the available vehicles according to the information on the front page ( http://parent.ge/en ), then you can proceed with your online booking. The incredible thing is that reservation at ( http://parent.ge/en ) is free, and you can later change or cancel your bookings anytime, anywhere with no extra cost.

Moreover, if you have any questions regarding your bookings and available vehicles, kindly message us in the note field, and we will be happy to respond immediately.



Email reservation:


The Internet has made everything more accessible and comfortable to do even right from the comfort of your home. You can make your vehicle booking with us. All you need to do is to send us your booking request, and within minutes, we will complete your reservation for you and ensure you get the best vehicle of your choice to make your next trip fabulous. Please, send us a mail on [email protected], and you’ll be amazed at our excellent services.


Phone verification:


Phone verification is one of the globally used methods of making your vehicle reservation. Apart from the fact that it is convenient, you can also book the vehicle of your choice within a minute. Generally, putting up a call for your reservation is one of the best ways you can connect with us, and finalize your vehicle booking. Another beautiful reason why phone reservation is fantastic is the fact that you can do this round the clock. We have great and experienced customer care representatives, and they are there 247. You can reach us using our hotline service on (+995 599 07 14 79).


For more satisfactory service, we recommend that you check through the list of available vehicles on our website http://parent.ge/en according to date and location before you send us a mail or put up a call unto us. Moreover, we advise that you make your online vehicle reservation before sending us either a phone confirmation or email confirmation.



Insurance & Drivers Age


100% Insurance - Vehicle, in case of an accident of your own fault

100% Insurance - Vehicle in case of damage by any third party

100% Insurance – Vehicle in case of any damage by fire, theft or any other damage caused by a third party

100% - Damage to a third party (no matter whose fault is the accident), in limit of $50,000

100% - All accessories (mirrors, glasses etc.)

No franchise and zero deductions in any accident, theft or any other damage.

* Tyres damaged during off-road driving are not considered as an accidental damage by any insurance company in Georgia. Payment for the tires made on off-road surface vary up to 95 EUR.

Any driver which is 21 year’s old and has 1 year of driving experience is automatically insured with same conditions of the owner of the rental contract is inside the rented vehicle.




Do you wish to make your next trip the best of your experience, have you been searching for the most convenient way to book your vehicle, do you wish to have a luxurious vehicle for your next trip, or are you having an issue making your vehicle booking? Please, send us a mail on [email protected], or give us a call on (+995 599 07 14 79), and we’ll be glad to help you.