1. Do you need a Driving Licenses to drive in Georgia?

To drive a car in Georgia, you need to valid license that is printed in Latin or Cyrillic held for at least one year and a valid passport. You should be at least 21 years of old and must have held the driving license at least for one year as on the date of renting a car. You can have additional supporting drivers and will be attached to you as a primary driver. Both the primary and additional drivers are covered under automatic insurance when you book for rental service. A driving license from an EU country is valid in Georgia.
If you are from any other country not listed above, you need to hold an international license for driving in Georgia. If you hold a driving license, not in Latin or Cyrillic or English, you need to have your driving license translated to English and must be accompanied international driving license.

2. How can I book a rental vehicle at Personal Auto Rent?

You can book a vehicle for rental at Personal Auto Rent through online, via phone call or by sending an email. You can book your vehicle online through the request form at our official website, www.parent.ge. You need to search your desired vehicle through the search form on the front page by selecting a pickup and return location, pick up and return date and search for available vehicles.
You can choose a suitable vehicle and package from the list of available vehicles shown on the web page, click Book to proceed further. You can pay online to confirm your booking or pay upon arrival.
You can call up our customer support team 24x7 at +(995)595 303 999 to book your vehicle using a phone call. You can also send a booking request mail to [email protected] to book a rental vehicle via email by including complete details needed for booking.
You can also opt for additional accessories like a child seat, wifi hotspot, Permits to cross international borders
All rental bookings are free of charge and you can cancel your request at any time you need. When you request a booking via a phone call or email bookings, you need to ensure the availability of the vehicle or you can reserve a vehicle online and call up the team or send a mail request to confirm the reservation. It is strongly recommended that you reserve a vehicle before you make a phone call or email reservation. If you have any questions regarding rental or reservation, you can call up the support team for any clarifications.

3. What are the Prices and Payment methods available?

All bookings are free of charge and there is no obligation to make any payment to confirm your reservation. When you can book your vehicle, you have the confirmed reservation of the vehicle and you can pay upon arrival.
When you pay the full rental payment, you need not pay any deposit amount to get the vehicle. When you opt for a 50/50 payment method, you may have to pay around 200 to 500 EUR as deposit, depending on the vehicle you have select. However, some vehicles need a deposit amount to be paid, even if you pay the full rental charge. All deposit amounts are indicated in the rental prices you pay.
The rental price you pay includes 100% insurance of the vehicle in case of accidents due to your fault, damages by the third party, damages by fire, theft, and damage to the third party to a limit of 50,000 EUR. It includes applicable taxes and does not include parking fee, permits, fuel.

When you are in Georgia, you can pay in Georgian Lari, GEL. You can also pay using EUR, USD or GBP which we help you to exchange as per official exchange rate of National Bank of Georgia on the day you pay. You can pay by cash, bank invoice or through a credit card. When you pay by cash, you will receive a receipt for the rental fee and you can rent the vehicle. When you opt for payment through bank invoice, you need to pay at least a week prior to the rental start date. We will send you an invoice via email to make payment by bank. When you make payment by credit cards, you will be charged an additional amount around 3.5% for card processing fee.

4. Is there a Pick-up and Drop-off service from other locations?

You can choose a pick-up or drop off location other than one mentioned in your reservation. Such services from another location are charged from 4 to 79 EUR depending on the location of the pickup or drop. You will be charged 4 EUR in the city and 79 EUR for locations which are 450 Km away. When you request a specific vehicle not available in your pick up location, you will be charged with the transfer fee along with the rental fee. The online system displays the location of the vehicle and the transfer fee to deliver the vehicle to your desired location. You can also include airport pick up and drop off which are charged as a taxi at 19 EUR for one way trip to or from the airport. In case your rental service ends with an airport drop off, you will get the invoice payment delivered at the airport.

For airport pick up and drop, the rental contact person is assigned and details mailed to you 3 days prior to rental start time, to deliver the vehicle or collect the vehicle at the airport. You can find the assigned person holding your name sign or you can call the person with call details provided to you.
You can collect or return your rented vehicle during standard office open hours between 11 am to 6 pm, Monday to Friday. You can collect or return vehicles that are pre-booked from office at 24x7 upon the request without additional charge. You will be charged for the pickup and delivery by our team irrespective of the time and day.

5. What is a National One Way Delivery?

National One Way Delivery are rental prices which are automatically calculated when you search for the vehicle on a particular date and time. You can any cross International borders with our rented vehicle and your pick up and drop locations should be in the same country.

6. What are the types Of Insurances needed?

When you pay the rental fee upon the start of your rental time, there are certain insurances automatically covered. Your vehicle is insured 100% against accident even your own fault, damages by a third party, damages by fire or any other damages. It also covers damages to accessories by the third party in the limit of 50,000 EUR. There are no deductions or fee applicable to you in an accident, theft or damages when you are covered under this insurance.

You can also purchase separate passenger insurance upon the request. The insurance covered by rental fee does not include passenger insurance. It does not cover damages to tires during driving as it is not considered as accidental damage by any insurance in Georgia. The maximum payment for tires on the off-road surface varies from 35 EUR to 95 EUR. It is recommended that you take a good travel insurance package outside Georgia that has better terms and covers a wide range of risks. The insurance in Georgia that is included in the rental fee does not cover risks on damages to passengers or any property inside the vehicle and no refunds are entitled by any party.
It is also recommended that you purchase travel insurance in your home country for all your personal items if you need the risks to be covered by insurance on these personal items.

7. Are there any charges for Mileage and Petrol?

There is no limitation on mileage on your rented vehicle. You can travel unlimited miles with every vehicle for any rental period and you do not have to worry about the total kilometers you drive. The price of fuel varies in time and region. The price of petrol at the time of this writing is 0.781 EUR per liter and might vary slightly in nearby regions.

8. What accessories are needed for driving?

You need to have a GPS Navigator while driving across different regions and countries. Garmin Nuvi GPS Navigator 1300 provides good GPS services offering pedestrian navigation, optional City Xplorer maps. City Xplorer maps are available for select tourist destinations in North America and Europe. You can easily download the app from Garmin Nuvi. It has a good user interface and improved graphics, ecoRoute to suggest fuel-efficient routes to save your time and money. With public transmit mode, you can navigate on any transport systems.
You can also use Google maps on your smartphones if you have an internet connection enabled in it. You can download Maps Me app along with a map of Georgia which is free for offline use.

9. Is it mandatory to install a child seat in the car?

It is not mandatory for a child seat in your vehicle. If you prefer to have a child seat in your vehicle, you need to select the option at the online form or add as a note in your email with a request for a child seat. You need to specify the weight of your child in kilograms when you request child seat which helps us to fix most appropriate child seat in your selected vehicle.

10. What are Cross Border Rentals?

Cross Border Rentals and restrictions are applicable if you travel to countries like Armenia and Azerbaijan. You need to have a special bilingual permit issued by a notary and you are charged about 69 EUR as cross border rental. There is no restriction on the number of days you are on board after you pay this cross border rental fee. You need to plan ahead and request by sending a copy of your passport by mail as it takes at least one day to issues this cross border permit. You can travel to any country by renting our vehicle with valid permits.
You cannot enter Turkey with a rented vehicle and you must travel in your vehicle to cross into Turkey borders. You cannot travel to Iran, Russia and conflict zones like South Ossetia and Abkhazia on a rented vehicle

11. What are tips to follow when you rent a car ?

When you rent a car in Tbilisi, you get the comfort of exploring the region on your own and also travel to other fascinating destinations in Georgia, which public transport can’t provide you.
You can make your plan, schedule, hang on your favorite spots for hours together and extend or cut short as you wish. You can visit many tourist spots in Georgia. You can plan to visit parks, visit the old town, take a sulfur bath in Abanotubani district, Holy Trinity Cathedral, Mtatsminda Park or enjoy the local cuisine or visit Dashbhashi Canyon for a days' trip.
You need to get a GPS device in English to navigate easily in Tbilisi as the roads are challenging to follow.